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Our caring staff would like to welcome you to NeuroCare Partners. We’ve developed a comprehensive care program using the latest surgical techniques, technology and research in a compassionate environment with a high level of communication.  We are committed to minimally invasive surgery with attention to the needs of each individual patient. We look forward to working with you.

We want to help all our patients live pain free

I’m excited to have the opportunity to serve this great community. My medical training, research background as well as clinical practice has led me to take bold steps into the challenging waters of private practice. The hurdles and satisfaction of community-based medicine are thrilling and exciting. My experience, knowledge and training will translate into great stories and encounters that I will share with you here. Periodically, this site will be updated with current news articles or summaries regarding the care of neurological patients. I invite you to share your experiences and knowledge in this forum as well. You can leave feedback on our Testimonial Page

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Neuro Care Surgery Statistics

90%Resume Daily Activites

.1%Infection Rates

88%Return to Work

Traditional Surgery Statistics

60%Resume Daily Activites

5-7%Infection Rates

68%Return to Work

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