Dr. Mirza Baig, M.D., PhD

Dr. Mirza Baig, M.D., PhD

Neuro Surgeon


I’m excited to have the opportunity to serve this great community. My medical training, research background as well as clinical practice has led me to take bold steps into the challenging waters of private practice. The hurdles and satisfaction of community-based medicine are thrilling and exciting. My experience, knowledge and training will translate into great stories and encounters that I will share with you here. Periodically, this site will be updated with current news articles or summaries regarding the care of neurological patients. I invite you to share your experiences and knowledge in this forum as well. Please don’t hesitate to email me at admin@neurocarepartners.com

–Mirza Baig   


  • Undergraduate: University of Maryland College Park, MD
  • Medical school: Howard University College of Medicine, Washington, DC
  • Graduate research: National Institutes of Health, NINDS, Bethesda MD
  • PhD in Molecular Genetics with emphasis in neuroimmunology
  • Neurosurgery training: The Ohio State University, Columbus OH
  • Authored 26 peer-reviewed articles and book chapters
  • Over 17 Oral and poster presentations at National and International Conferences of Neurosurgical Societies and Associations



Dr. Baig is currently affiliated with the following hospitals in Texas:
Conroe Regional Medical Center

Kingwood Medical Center

Memorial Hermann

Houston Northwest Medical Center


Mirza N. Baig, M.D., Ph.D.

Dr. Baig is a graduate from University of Maryland with a Bachelor of Science in Biology. He received both a PhD in Molecular Genetics and Doctrine of Medicine from Howard University in Washington D.C. He then completed his Residency with Department of Neurological Surgery at Ohio State University and was named Chief Resident the following year. During that time he served as an instructor for the Department of Neurological Surgery at Ohio State University.

Dr. Baig then practiced Neurosurgery at Mercy Medical Center and was an Instructor at Des Moines University’s Department of Neurosurgery. He currently is practicing throughout the area of Houston specializing in Spine and Brain surgery and treatment.

Dr. Baig is active in research and has had many of his findings published throughout his career and has presented his work for many Neurological meetings throughout the country.

Dr. Baig has received many honors including:

  • 1996-2001 Medical Student Training Scholarship at Howard University
  • 1997 Outstanding Student Research Award at Howard University
  • 1997 M.D./Ph.D. Fellow Scholarship Rhone Poulenc Rorer
  • 1998-2001 Pre-Doctoral Intramural Research Fellow at National Institutes of Health
  • 1998 Medical Student Scholarship Award from the American Medical Association Education & Research Foundation
  • 1998 Recognition for Research Excellence from Eastern Student Research Forum
  • 2001 Excellence in Graduate Research from the National Institutes of Health and the 2001 Scientist Training Award from American Society of Histocompat. and Immunogenetics

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